Center for Urban Agriculture

Food, water, and energy are the focus of the “Center for Urban Agriculture” (CUA) design. Agricultural features include fields for growing vegetables and grains, greenhouses, rooftop gardens, and even a chicken farm. Vertical construction allows for the CUA to incorporate more than an acre of native habitat and farmland on the building’s .72 acre site.

With the goal of self-sufficiency, the CUA is designed to be completely independent of city water ― even providing its own drinking water. Grey water, as well as rain collected via the structure’s 31,000+ sq. ft. rooftop rainwater collection area, would be treated and recycled on site. The filtering and purifying would occur through the use of greenhouses, planters, and biomembrane plants which utilize plants’ ability to remove contaminates from water. 34,000+ sf of photovoltaic cells would collect energy, regulated over the seasons by storage as hydrogen gas in underground tanks.

The site would provide 318 small studio, 1- and 2-bedroom affordable apartments. The entry level could feature a café serving organic foods grown on site. The CUA could further benefit the surrounding community by serving as a site for neighborhood stormwater collection and distribution. The facility would have 45 extra storage tanks, allowing for handling of 20 times its own discharge potential, which could be a source of revenue for the project. Produce grown at the CUA would be distributed to local grocers, saving even more energy by reducing transportation miles.

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